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Design Without Limits

At Marvin, high-quality materials are standard, not optional. For four generations, Marvin has built a reputation around quality, innovation and service. Offering endless options and unmatched customization, you can personalize your window to fit perfectly with your design vision.

Marvin Modern

Every Modern product is designed to meet the exacting principles and standards of true modern architecture, with every critical detail considered. High-Density Fiberglass material and proprietary frame design provide unparalleled thermal performance and durability. The Integrated Mull Channel, a structural cavity within the frame, allows you to add up to 1/2" of mull reinforcement without compromising sightlines. Frame recesses accept a drywall return, allowing for an easier wall integration and consistent frame reveal. 

  • Proprietary frame design helps keep interior temperatures comfortable
  • The frame’s integrated mull channel preserves sightlines and supports structural performance
  • Built-in drywall return for easy wall integration 

Visualize Marvin Modern

The Modern visualizer helps you see all your design possibilities and includes all direct glaze shapes and multi-slide configurations.