Replacement Contractors

Standing Out From Your Competition

Recognizing that six out of every ten windows sold in our market go into replacement projects, Marvin has been steadily expanding its replacement product offerings.

Both Marvin and Super Enterprises are investing in growing market share in the replacement segment and together are proud to offer the Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor (ARC) Program.


Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor Program

Only available to select contractors, the ARC program is a strategic three-way partnership between Marvin/Super Enterprises, your local Marvin Dealer and you. Together, we provide you with localized support that includes these value-added services:

  • Marvin product training | Selling with confidence
  • Marvin installation and service training | Do it right, do it fast, solve problems on the spot
  • Quoting Software | Prepare your own quote options in real time
  • Marketing Support | Generate more leads and reach new market segments
  • Sales Tools | Differentiate, close more deals, close bigger deals

The powerful combination of the Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor distinction, together with the many ARC program tools and dedicated support from your local Dealer, results in more jobs sold and increased revenue for your business.

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