Training and eductation is essential for our customers and our colleagues.

Super Enterprises devotes significant resources to make sure our Dealers, customers and colleagues, are well versed in Marvin products and varying areas of industry knowledge. Our training and education department offers many initiatives aimed at relaying product information, technical support, installation process guidance and the concept of value selling premium Marvin products. 

Virtual Training – Super University (Super U)

Super U is a convenient digital toolbox of resources offering immediate access to over 500 courses focused on Marvin product, sales and general business courses. Working in conjunction with Instructor Led Classes, Super U is the first resource to develop team members into becoming Marvin knowledge experts.    

  • Brief, informative, engaging courses wiht multimedia and interactive elements
  • Easy access, with notifications of updates and new courses
  • Anytime, anywhere learning opportunities on your laptop, tablet or smart phone (24/7)
  • Demonstratable return on investment
  • Learning reinforcement through knowledge checks
  • Reports and information – you’ll know who has taken training and who needs additional coursework
  • Interactive games (along with visual prizes / badges) that make the learning experience fun
  • Ongoing support from Super Enterprises’ Training and Education team

Local / On-Site Training

Hands-on product and installation training is offered for all Marvin collections to promote product and technical knowledge. This training focuses on specific methods of working with Marvin products and offers personalized knowledge transfer. Local training is offered at all Super Enterprises locations (Melville, NY; Cranbury, NJ; Malvern, PA) as well as at our Dealers’ retail locations. 

Training can also be provided on the jobsite with installation or sub-contractors, or virtually, through Super U. You have the ability to customize trainings to your needs, and we have the ability to train at whatever location works best. 

To view the schedule and register for a class at one of our three locations, click here

Marvin Factory Tours & Training

Tours and training at Marvin’s manufacturing locations (Warroad, MN & Ripley, TN) are one of the many ways that we build relationships and brand loyalty with our dealer partners and their customers.

Factory tours offer a solid understanding of the Marvin story, the commitment to quality and craftsmanship, the heritage of the company and of course, how their premium products are manufactured. Marvin Factory Tours are specifically tailored to the professional segment in attendance (Dealer, builder, remodeling contractor, architect) to ensure focus on common areas of interest and best practices. 

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