Door Types

Door Types

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Aside from luxury window designs, Super Enterprises offers custom door types like scenic doors, swinging doors, pivot doors, and front entry doors.









Scenic Doors

Scenic doors offer panoramic views and let the building occupants bring the outdoors inside while mixing the beauty of both the inside and outside spaces. Super Enterprises offers various styles of scenic doors to suit your space and lifestyle including multi-slide doors, bi-fold doors, and lift-and-slide doors. Not only are these large doors aesthetically stunning, but they are also durable and energy-efficient to help you make the most of your investment.

Types of Scenic Doors

  • Folding Door Systems At one time folding doors represented all there was to offer for large door openings. That’s not the case any longer, but they still fill a void and can be found on many projects. One big advantage to the folding door is that they create a very large clear opening without having to use a pocket. These systems can be installed with narrower jamb depths and can be either top hung or bottom hung. Where folding door sometimes fall short is when it comes to size limitations. They are not able to be made as large as their sliding door rivals.
  • Multi-slide Doors Multi-slides are some of the most popular systems on the market today that fit in the Large Format Door category. Multi-slide doors can slide and stack over each other and also have the option to be hidden in a pocket. One big advantage is that there are very little limitations when it comes to the overall panel sizes available. These systems do require deeper jambs (thicker walls) and your flooring detail should be taken into account when choosing your door sill. There are multiple sill options that can be integrated into a multi-slide door. Speak to one of our experts to select the right one.
  • Lift and Slides Lift and Slide doors are supreme operators and are European in design. Each operating is smoothly lifted up by its hardware to have the rollers engaged. Used mainly on a flush floor application to help block out the wind and rain. Also use to keep the weight off the rollers on oversized doors over time. More expensive due to the unique hardware need to activate the door. Same rules apply to this door as the above Multi slides. 

Swinging Doors

Available in inswing or outswing designs, our swinging doors are made to look like they are a custom part of your home. From traditional steel French doors to contemporary aluminum models, Super Enterprises has a large selection of swinging doors to suit your individual taste. Swinging doors, also known as hinged doors, generally have one or two door panels that either swing in or out to open and close. These popular doors styles are available with up to three panels for greater versatility. Doors that swing inwards are ideal for locations over a step and where rain could come inside when opened. Outswing doors really open up your outdoor space options without interrupting the design and flow of your interior space.

Features of Swinging Patio Doors

  • Options to swing either outwards or inwards
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • No center post on two door configurations to spoil the outside view
  • Can open to 180 degrees so the door is completely out of the way
  • Stable multi-point locking system with security at the handle, the top, and the bottom of the door 
  • Matching sidelites available depending on door configuration
  • Enjoy an enhanced connection to the outside world
  • Contemporary swinging door handles available 

Pivot Doors

A pivot door is usually a large-sized swinging door that rotates on a spindle to open and close. The pivot hinges are concealed on the top and bottom, facilitating the effortless rotation on the vertical axis. Pivot doors are a modern, unique, and stylish addition to any home or building. They differ significantly from traditional hinged/swinging doors, which hang on a door frame, and the hinges are attached to the side. The seamless movement and classy designs of pivot doors have contributed to their increasing popularity and made them a preferred choice for contemporary homes and buildings. Pivot doors are suitable for both external and internal use.

Features of Pivot Doors

  • Strong and stable, even at large sizes
  • Convenient to use with smooth operation
  • Require less clearance space than traditional hinged doors
  • Available in different materials including solid designs and all glass designs
  • Provide an elegant and luxurious feel to any modern home entryway
  • Available in very large sizes 

Front Entry Doors

Front doors do much more than just provide entryway to your home. Front doors are often the first thing people notice when they are welcomed as guests. The front door to your home will establish a style that ties together your décor and at the same time provide safety and security for your family. A high-quality front door will last you for many years and provide you with all of these benefits and more. At Super Enterprises, we are proud to offer Glenview Doors as our main manufacturer of front entry doors. Glenview offers doors that vary by style, material, shape, and function. Perhaps it is time for a front door upgrade to complete the look of your home and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Features of Front Entry Doors

  • Make a stunning first impression
  • Add safety and security to your home
  • Durable to withstand all weather conditions
  • Various materials available, such as wood, aluminum and steel
  • Multiple hardware options to complement your door
  • Choice of interior and exterior colors to match your décor

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