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As a custom window installer, Super Enterprises knows the importance of functional, luxury windows and window inserts for builders, architects, and homeowners.









Installation can be considered just as important as the look and feel of any product. Functionality of your windows and doors plays a vital role in your satisfaction and product performance. Today’s window and door products are many times oversized and have high-tech features that require the best installation practices in order to work properly. Our professional installations are performed by skilled, factory-trained teams to assure everything is installed and adjusted in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, as well as the architectural details and local building codes. Let our outstanding installation team work together with your team to get sizing right, make sure that the product installation meets your design requirements, and in the end, all is working top-notch.

FAQS For Trade Professionals

Why should I choose Super Enterprises to install on my project?

Super Enterprises not only represents different product lines but also provides window installation services that compliment the different product lines. Super can streamline the window installation process to save time and money. As a builder or contractor you know that Super is arranging for the skilled labor to manage window installations. Your team is free to continue working on the other aspects of your project. 

I have been installing my own windows for years, why change now?

Super’s select group of installers have the knowledge and training to complete complex fenestration installations in the luxury market. Among other things, European brands and oversized windows and doors require specialists who understand the techniques and nuances of more complex product installations. 

I need my projects to keep moving. Can you keep to my schedule?

Since Super’s installers have product knowledge about the products that Super sells there is a high probability that an installation performed by a Super endorsed installation company will keep the project moving on time while successfully navigating potential delays. Before the installation begins Super will coordinate the arrival of product to the job site.

Do any of Super’s products have a mandatory requirement to use a Super Installation service?

Some of Super’s manufacturers will not maintain warranty coverage on their products unless a certified installer has done the work.

FAQS For Homeowners

Does Super Enterprises install all of the brands they carry?

Yes. Super Enterprises will provide the professional installation of any window or door product that is purchased from us. 

Does Super Enterprises provide installation for both residential and commercial properties?

The majority of our window installations are residential, however there are some commercial applications where we can install windows and doors. Contact a Super Enterprises Architectural Sales Consultant to learn more about which project types are suitable for our installation services. 

How long does a Super Enterprises installation take to complete?

Each home is unique, and the installation time will vary based on a number of factors. This includes project size, the type of windows and the number of windows being installed. Contact a Super Enterprises Architectural Sales Consultant and tell us about your project. We will be able to give you a good idea of how long it should take. 

Does Super Enterprises install screens for large format doors?

Yes. Super Enterprises offers screens by Centor which are used on openings of many different sizes, but can be used on large format doors. Centor screens provided by Super are offered as an installed product. 

What areas does Super Enterprises offer installation service customers?

Super Enterprises will install products in the NY-Metro area, New Jersey, Southern Connecticut and Eastern Pennsylvania. If your project is outside of these areas we still may be able to provide installation services. Contact a Super Enterprises Architectural Sales Consultant and tell us about your project. We will be able to tell you if you are in an area where we can do installation.

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