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Super Enterprises is a windows company that caters to many markets including the commercial segment, with custom window brands to fit any rough window opening.









3c rendering of apartments

Super Enterprises offers window and door solutions for the “lite-commercial” segment of the market. Projects in this market segment include multi-family buildings, mixed-use buildings, historic & landmark buildings and other lite-commercial projects. In addition to having a product selection that addresses the requirements of these types of projects including storefront and window wall glass, the Super Enterprises team facilitates the project with design and specification assistance. Additionally Super will provide take-off services and ultimately installation to complete the project – comprehensive engagement and assistance from a small project to a 10-story project in the lite commercial space.

3c rendering of apartments

Commercial Markets Served


Muli-Family lite commercial construction, the simple duplex, condo or townhouse is experiencing explosive growth. Super Enterprises can be a trusted business partner in product/design/performance solutions and installation for these types of projects.

Light Commercial

Super’s lite commercial expertise extends to projects that could include, among other things, college dormitories, a 10-story apartment building, industrial office space, libraries and fire houses.

Historic And Landmark

The renovation and rejuvenation of historic and landmark properties require a deep level of understanding about the building and project and the expertise to be able to navigate the regulatory codes put forth by historic and landmark governing entities. The 76 year old history of Super Enterprises as a fenestration leader in New York includes its familiarity with the Historic and Landmark process that includes stringent requirements on, among other things, fabrication and design. These projects are each as unique as is their history and Super Enterprises is that partner to the architect and builder who can ensure product performance and design success against the most exacting requirements.


As part of the growth in multi-family construction, mixed-use buildings that have tenants and retail space are rising in popularity. These buildings require a combination of residential and commercial products including storefront and window wall glass. Additionally, a reliable installation solution is essential to a comprehensive builder solution. Super Enterprises is a strong partner with the products and services necessary to take a project like this from design through completion.

Storefront & Window Walls

The better fenestration partner to work with on a lite commercial project is the partner who can deliver a comprehensive solution that involves storefront and window wall glass systems. A Super Architectural Consultant will make sure that the design and fabrication of the windows in the punched openings will coordinate with the style and look of the storefront and window wall portions of the project. Optimal aesthetics and an installation solution hallmark Super’s capabilities in the lite commercial segment of the market.

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