FAQS For Homeowners

FAQs For Homeowners

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Read Super Enterprises FAQs For Homeowners to learn about custom window installation, wait times, and the different luxury window brands we work with.









How long will it take me to get my windows?

Supply chain conditions post-pandemic have impacted all window manufacturers. Currently our manufacturers are experiencing uncertain and unpredictable lead times. As part of your process with us we will be able to let you know what to expect regarding delivery schedules. 

Why should I buy from Super Enterprises?

Super Enterprises is a Lavitt Group company. The Lavitt Group has been in the fenestration business for over 75 years. Our products, professional staff and installation services ensure you will have an extraordinary experience making your fenestration designs a reality. 

Do you offer installation?

Yes. Super Enterprises is more than just a supplier. Our installers have been professionally trained and in many cases certified by our manufacturers.

Why should I consider buying a European window or door?

European windows provide several advantages over typical domestic windows such as higher soundproofing, high energy efficiency and durability. In addition, the hardware on these products is not only modern in style but also offers a high level of security not often found in domestic windows. Our European window and door offerings are all custom-made and come in various design and performance options. Besides the custom offerings, these windows and door operate more easily than traditional windows and doors. Certain European brands offer windows that are sometimes called tilt-and-turn windows. These windows can be swung open from the side like a door or tilted open from the top. 

Are steel windows energy efficient?

Yes. Steel windows are among the most energy-efficient windows that you can buy for your home. This type of material has greater thermal efficiency than aluminum and other types of metal. In fact, steel interacts with hot and cold energy from the outdoors in a way that creates a barrier and keeps your home desirably warm or cool. However, it is important to use high-energy-efficiency glass with your steel windows to maximize the impact of their natural energy efficiency.

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