Window Types

Window Types

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Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are European style windows that are both stylish and functional in a home. These types of windows work well in contemporary, rustic, modern, and other styles of homes and work by tilting open at the top or swinging open like a door. One handle conveniently and easily operates the window with both of these two options. They also offer unique ventilation benefits and look great in various rooms of a home.  

Features of Tilt & Turn Windows

  • Option to tilt open or swing open
  • Great ventilation
  • One handle for easy and accessible operation
  • Unique style that adds character to any room
  • Various sizes available to suit your space
  • Large window surface area to allow more natural light inside
  • Easy access to the outside that can serve as an egress emergency exit

Hung Windows

Hung windows are commonly used in traditional homes and buildings but also a beautiful choice in contemporary designs. Double hung windows are the most popular hung window type. The bottom sash can slide up and the top sash can slide down to provide maximum ventilation. Simultaneously opening both sashes allows warm air that has risen to escape out the top while cooler air flows in through the bottom sash. Windows can also be configured as a Single Hung window, in which only the bottom sash can be opened. Currently Super Enterprises only offers Hung type windows on commercial window projects.

Types of Hung Windows

  • Single Hung windows. This window delivers the traditional look, but only the bottom sash can be opened. In general, single hung windows are a less expensive option than a similarly sized double hung window.
  • Cottage windows. A double hung window with a smaller sash on top and a larger sash on the bottom. The top sash may have divided lites while the bottom can have none.
  • Oversized Double hung windows are available in sizes up to 5 feet wide or 10 feet high for maximum views. These tend to appear in commercial buildings such as schools, office buildings, and churches.

Casement Windows

Casement windows, also known as crank or hinged windows, are a popular style of windows that are designed for expansive views and ventilation. Casement windows are hinged on one side and can swing inwards or outwards by cranking out, pushing, or pulling the window hardware until the desired position is reached.

Features of Casement Windows

  • Hinged on either side to open like a door
  • Option to either crank out or push out
  • Available in various shapes and styles
  • Concealed multi-point sequential locking system to securely lock the window at multiple points
  • Accessible windows with easy-to-reach levers near the bottom of the window
  • Effective ventilation for healthy airflow
  • Minimize heat loss for excellent energy efficiency
  • Added security due to the hook-shaped latch in the frame and locking hardware

Awning Windows

Awning windows exemplify simplicity and high-quality performance and are commonly used as a complement to casement or picture windows. Due to their simplicity, they are ideal for over sinks, kitchen counters, and other hard-to-reach locations. Awning windows swing out from the bottom and feature push-out or crank-out styles. These windows are operated with locking hardware that is located near the window sill.

Features of Awning Windows

  • Easy-to-reach hardware for operation
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach places in the home
  • Can be used on their own or to complement another window
  • Push-out and crank-out options available
  • Provides good ventilation without letting debris inside
  • Offers a versatile and contemporary look
  • Can be left open while raining
  • Can generally be placed higher on the wall than other window types

Sliding/Glider Windows

Glider windows, which are also known as sliding windows, slide open on tracks for easy use and no lifting is required. These versatile windows have a smooth operation and offer a modern and streamlined look that’s classic and contemporary. Choose sliding windows for areas of the home when a swinging window won’t work or to save space in small areas with beautiful views.

Features of Glider/Sliding Windows

  • Easy sliding operation with no lifting required
  • Let in more natural light with a range of sizes
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • More glass for unobstructed views
  • Save space without the need for a swinging window
  • More ventilation for increased natural air flow
  • Many hardware options to choose from

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