Founded in 1946

Super Enterprises is the exclusive residential and commercial distributor for The Marvin Family of Brands in southeast New York, New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Super Enterprises serves building material retailers and window and door specialty stores who offer The Marvin Family of Brands. Super’s business is built around the needs of the customer, offering training, support and services to all members of the distribution channel; from architects to dealers, builders to homeowners. 

Super Enterprises, A Hybrid Distributor

Our product is not just windows and doors; it’s the relationships, the training, the support and the services we offer our customers and our community.

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Why Choose Marvin?

Two unique brands – Marvin and Integrity – each brand offers customization, performance, unparalleled quality and unsurpassed service.

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Introducing Marvin's Designer Black Painted Interior Finish

Marvin has introduced factory-applied Designer Black as a standard painted interior finish color on clad-pine Marvin window and door products as well as wood interior accessories. 

Marvin Historic Solutions

For over 100 years, Marvin has been perfecting the art of preserving history one window at a time. With over 500 college and university campuses and countless government, religious and Main Street buildings; Marvin is the proven leader for historic replacement projects.   

Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award

You did the work. You deserve the recognition. Submit your best work for the 2017 Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award and show the world what you can do.